Welcome to the official website of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association

The Sierra Leone Cricket Association is the official governing body of cricket in Sierra Leone and is an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council, Full Member of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA), Full Member of the North West Africa Cricket Council (NWACC) , a Member of the National Sport Council of Sierra Leone and the national Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone. 
The organisation was established during November, 1942 but gained the status of being Affiliate Member of the ICC in 2000. Prior to these dates, cricket was first documented to be introduced to Sierra Leone by the British Royal Artillery forces during 1898 at the Parade field and in 1922 at the Kingtom cricket oval which is known as the Home of cricket in Sierra Leone. The first documented international fixture is dated to have taken place during 1931 when Sierra Leone played the Gambia on a home and away basis. 
The Sierra Leone Cricket Board is the highest organisation within the Sierra Leone Cricket Association. Further to this other structures include Executive Management, Clubs, Regional Associations and the Athletes, who all have their part to play in regards to having the responsibility of promoting cricket in Sierra Leone. Alongside this is the ability for members of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association to formulate policies for the Executive structures within the organisation to implement. Funding for projects is an essential for the organisation and the association prides itself on ensuring that projects are executed to a high standard. This is to ensure that cricket is a constantly developing game within the nation.