The Sierra Leone Women's National team attended mental training seminal hosted by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association and the Class of 2009 U-19 Cricket Union.

Emmanuel Pessima, the facilitator of the seminar said he wants the women cricketers to understand that cricket is 10% physical and 90% mental.
He said, “I’m delighted for an opportunity to empower and inspire our female national cricketers. I treated the ladies to a wealth of information on attitudes, the behaviors of a champion cricketer, mental toughness, maximizing potential, overcoming fear, growth mindsets and teamwork.

In connection with the seminar the cricket female Coach Sarah Johnson said she was happy for such a seminar, which has created a serious impact in the lives of the female cricketers.
Most of the players who attended the seminar said it was a blessing to them as some of the things taught was new to them but they are going to put it into action.
This is not the first time the SLCA has hosted this seminar. The U19  team benefited as well with a seminar on cricket mental aspect and positive change.