The Sierra Leone Cricket Association is fully committed to promote the disabled game within the community and to further develop and empower this minority group to ensure that equality is achieved in the game of cricket.  Physical Disability and Blind and Visually Impaired are the two main groups the Association is working with at the moment. 

The Blind and Visually Impaired Cricket Team of Sierra Leone is a team which is highly valued by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA). The team was established in 2008 and normally trains at at the Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School which is situated in the Eastern part of Freetown. Despite the initial hesitancy of members of the blind or visually impaired community joining the team, the team is a success. This team can be deemed a success as the team now offers fun and enjoyment to this group who could easily be forgotten within society. 

Another group that the SLCA has began to introduce the game to is the physically challenged youth. At the moment this growth is specifically in Freetown however, there are aims to expand this. The goal is to make a difference in these children's lives and to ensure that cricket is a game which can be enjoyed by all.

In 2008, a UK based charity, Cricket 4 Change, that focuses on disability cricket visited Sierra Leone and conducted several coaching clinic for coaches, teachers from Blind and Visually Impaired School and volunteers who came from different communities. This was a huge initial step to ensure the growth of the blind and visually impaired cricket community continues. 

When speaking about the growth of disabled cricket in Sierra Leone, credit must be given to David Turner, a British social worker. Turner has worked closely with the SLCA in setting up these structures and the SLCA would like to thank him for his support and also thanks to Martin Edmond Michael who is a major sponsor of the Disabled league.

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