The Sierra Leone Cricket Association strongly placed high priority on grassroots cricket development programme as a way of increasing overall participation and growth. The following cricket programmes are what the SLCA has been conducting yearly to enhance growth.

1. ICC-Africa Mass cricket participation event at junior level.
This is a programme that is jointly funded by the SLCA and the ICC Africa regional Office, and organised by the Sierra Leone Cricket Association annually across the Country. The target are primary and secondary schools across the country and communities. The SLCA will normally dispatched a battery of its young and experienced coaches, umpires and scorers to schools and communities, to train kids and school children about basic cricket rules, technics, skills and organised street cricket, mini games, six a side and other clinics. This programmes normally attracts thousands of participants at junior level.

2. The Inter Primary schools cricket Championship 

3. The Inter- Secondary Schools cricket championship 

4  Street Cricket

5  Cricket Coaching Clinics.

6  Barracks Junior League